Childrens Festival


​Coming Soon

LTC and LTC Youth bring this exhilarating, landmark musical to the Brewhouse for the first time.

Tue 22 Jun to Sat 26 Jun

See behind the scenes at Stephanie’s classes viewing your son/daughters class work with a sneak preview to rehearsals

Sat 17 Jul

RicNic is a unique creative arts organisation for young people.  Every year we bring together a company of 16-21 year

Mon 23 Aug to Fri 27 Aug

For 1 night only the Town Hall will be transformed into a superb Wrestling arena to capture the live atmosphere that

Fri 15 Oct
Town Hall

Rubba-Dubba-Giggle, Rubba-Dubba-Laugh, there’s magic to be found in the Big Red Bath.

Sat 06 Nov