Material Stories

Material Stories

Four women explore evolving narratives, weaving together themes of memory, materials and the passing of time.

Lubna Din connects through textiles and concrete to narratives of migration.
Through her work she unravels traumas and uncertainties of displacement.

Jane Hardstaff's prints interrogate ordinary objects, magnifying microscopic threads from her daughter’s cot blanket or a cloth embroidered by her deceased grandmother, in search of illusive traces of memory and fragments of personal history

Tracey Kershaw’s Mother Bowls carry collected reminiscences of mothers. These simple concrete forms are simultaneously strong yet fragile, each a vessel for a single memory.

Liz Ramsay’s work, heavily influenced by the absence of family, interprets kinship, love and separation through her woven textiles, examining the difficult journeys we travel.

Created with support from the Unversity of Derby and Artists Access to Art Colleges. AA2A is a national programme, with funding from Arts Council England. 

Saturday, May 5, 2018 to Saturday, June 2, 2018