On Demand Workshop - 233 Ways to Escape

On Demand Workshop - 233 Ways to Escape

For our 30th Anniversary we worked with artists to create a series of activities celebrating everything that is unique and inspiring about The Brewhouse.

Explore this miniseries of fun, creative and unique activities and don't forget to tag us in any pieces you create.

Dan Webber - 233 Ways to escape

This year has been unexpected

But you have stood protected

Lit by single ghost lamp

Every crevice

Filled to the brim with memories,

bubbling up like foam from a pint glass

I have missed the taste of you,

the smell of the greasepaint

That faint sense of magic in the air as the orchestra warms up

Dust in the spotlights

beginners call

That peek behind the curtain, as the audience take their seats

sweets unwrapped with the crackle of bonfires

Programmes, wafted back and forth like fans

As little hands wave from the wings

Granny spotted in the front row From the Pat Miller’s dance school first timers,

To the seasoned pantomime dames

This stage has seen them all

Here, we inspire

Here, we entertain

Transported from the mundane day to day to places of wonder

with 233 ways to escape and counting

This is where love affairs start,

A passion for the arts

Romance with the boy in the tech box

How many stories has the limelight sparked?

30 years is not enough to tell them all,

So, here’s to 30 more

And 30 more

And all the rest

More than just an arts centre

A toast, to Brewhouse

Burton upon Trent


Saturday, December 31, 2022